Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First weekend of spring

     Well after what seemed like the longest summer we finally got a weekend here in Germany where it was absolutely beautiful and we spent almost the entire weekend outside!!!

   Saturday we had a pretty fun day it was still a bit chilly and the wind was crazy, but we went down town to walk to through the market and get a Doner for lunch. It was very good as always and than we went to the city park and Kyra got so excited about seeing the ducks!! She was walking quite a bit at this park, but than suddenly stopped and stood still for like 3 mins, and than got distracted and sat down and wouldn't walk anymore...sadly I couldnt find my camera this day so didn't get any pictures I was bummed too cuz there was blue bells all over the place!!  Later we went to get pictures taken with Ashley our photographer!! And they of course turned out great but you will have to wait for those until after we get back her cake smash pictures also!!

We ended with an awesome bbq with our new friends and their boys!! It was so great and I am glad we found another couple with kids to hang out with! Next time we will bring a pack and play and stay and hang out longer hating leaving so early on the weekends!   

   Sunday we got up and went to Mainz we walked around trying to find a store Dustin was looking for to buy his Magic cards, but being as it was Sunday obviously . And than we found this really cool park!! It was on 3 different levels with hills and play ground, and grass and at the top a wind will tower thing you can climb up in. I was being a chicken when I first saw it, but I climbed up in the end (which was a hard climb mind you) and went down the slide!! It was steep and fast but it was really fun!!! Kyra had a lot of fun, she even had a little boy come up and try and get her to hold his hand and walk over to play on the playground with him. She loves kids and they love her but it is so cute to see her get sooo shy! She just stared at the ground the whole time!!
Pretty intimidating!!

Swinging with Daddy!!

Someone loves the park!!

Crazy like her mom!

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