Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting Slim in 6 challenge

    If you follow me you see that I really like to workout, just tend to quit when things get hard!! I did complete the Insanity Asylum which was really hard and I was so proud of myself for getting through it. And in the past I have been very successful with diets!! So this time I am starting a program with the support of my friend Dawn and we are going to go the whole 6 weeks with diet and exercise. We have plans to be in shape by summer time. Lots of work to do but if you think you can do it you can!

    I am starting today with eating 3 meals and two snacks every 2 hours and only stuff that is good for my body. It may be hard the first couple days but my body will get used to it and start showing how well its working. The benefit of me going on a healthy diet is my family will also be eating more good stuff also. Kyra already eats only stuff that is good for her, but whether he'll admit it or not Dustin could use a little bit of a healthy streak himself. Not that I can really control what he eats, but when he is home for dinner he will be eating what I do, or fend for himself.

   I am sad to see how far back I have fallen since the last time I posted an update. Taking over a month off from working out show. Specially the way we were eating.

   My measurements are currently:

Weight: 162
Chest (measured at the nipple level): 36 in
Waist (measured at the belly button): 38.25in
Hips (measured at the biggest part of my butt): 43.5in
Right Thigh: 24.75in
Left Thigh: 25 in
Right arm: 11.5in
Left arm: 11.25

This go around I am going to only provide pictures for this starting blog, at 3 weeks and at 6 weeks rather than weekly I want the results to show! I may come back and write about how I am feeling and if I think I am making progress. But I won't be obsessing over the inches and weight like I usually do. More about how I feel and look!

Not pretty I know!

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