Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What to think?

I sit here stunned and so unsure where is even safe to raise my daughter, I fear for her safety and all the crazy stuff going on around the world. I absolutely hate hearing such sad news all the time on the news. I wish our world could just be peaceful and not fight, but since that is clearly an impossible thing as people have been fight since the day man was created.

But as I was looking through the horrifying images, and video tape, I came across an image of Mr Rodgers. And a quote from his mother that sticks with me and made me really think bad to the fact that there is still good in this world. " When you see horrible things in the news, look for the helpers". So I have chosen to do this, when seeing such terrifying news. And it moves me to see the amazing people who seconds after the first explosion turn and run straight toward the damage and do all they can to help those who were injured. The one image that is engraved in my memory is the national guardsmen who instantly start throwing the safety barriers over like they are made of toothpicks, nothing was going to get in their way as they made their way to the middle of the situation.

Prayers go out to all that was involved. And my heart is with those amazing people who did the most selfless thing they could by putting them selfs in harms way in hopes of helping someone who needs it. If it weren't for your acts of heroism I would have no faith in humanity. People like you are what makes everyone feel that there is still some hope that our world will one day get its sanity back and start living more peacefully and for one another!

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