Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project 52: Details

I know you are supposed to do just one picture, but when I was in Paris I couldn't help but notice all the details in everything. So I decided there was 2 pictures that I took that deserved some special attention. 1st was the one of the statue. I know I know he is Naked. But you see I can only imagine how much time it took to sculpt something that large and to have every detail to a t!  On a side note this guy has a very nice body, very much like a girl haha!

And the second is the gate, and the details behind it on the Louvre. I love to find hearts in random places. I seem to think a friend of mine took a similar picture when she visited Paris. But it really is too pretty to not have a picture of. I also took this picture cuz I wanted a way to show the detail on the building without just taking a picture of it.

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

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