Monday, April 1, 2013

Last days of Family visit

     Ok I suppose I better get around to finishing off the blog series about my families visit!! I'm sure they would love to have it all in one place to look back on.

    Where we last left off was from a fun night in downtown Amsterdam. And I'll tell you it sure was a good time. But morning came fast and we back on the road. The longest trip of all (according to google maps) so we left early so we wouldn't be getting home too late. We booked it out of town and were at least 45 mins down the road before we stopped for breakfast. And it was only at a truck stop and we were back on the road.

     But somehow the trip seemed to be flying by and litterally before we knew it we were crossing the border back into Germany. And right back into snow, figures. But seeing as it was only about 11 and Koln was only about an hour down the road we decided since Shane had never seen the huge cathedral in Koln we were gonna stop and have lunch and take a look. I think we finally impressed him with this one as far as churches are concerned. It is definatly one of my favorite.

    After making our way around it, we headed into the shopping district just to realize was Good Friday. And NOTHING was open, that is except Subway, so Dustin's hopes to have subway were granted.

    On the way back to the car we walked over the Rhine River across the bridge with the locks of love and my dad made sure to take pictures of all the cool original locks! And after this stop we still made it back to post in time to get the mail and settle back in at home before getting something for dinner.

    All worn out and glad to be back, we rolled into bed so we could get up the next morning and enjoy their last day in Germany!!

    We got up late and dillydallied around before heading downtown to do some last min shopping, and grab lunch. We went to the same little restaurant Dustin and I first went to when we moved here and got some pretty good pizza, and pasta for Kyra. After a big lunch Kyra passed out in the car, we took the opportunity to go for a drive up to the Russian Cathedral as it was the last thing to see in Weisbaden and they couldn't leave without having at least done all the tourist things here in town.

    To celebrate their last night we looked up a nice German restaurant that none of us had ever been to and found our way there...after getting a bit lost, and having a nice conversation in all German to get directions. The food was really good, and the environment was so friendly, Dustin still says Brauhaus is better, but I will certainly suggest eating there when people wanna get dinner!! It was called Zum Hirsch.

All and all I would like to say a big thank you to both my dad and brother for the great 2 weeks of fun. It was so great seeing parts of Europe none of us had ever seen together. And we will have so many memories that can never be replaced. Maybe you can come back and visit again before we leave and we can see the UK or go south to Italy!! We will miss you around here.

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