Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A look back on where we were fall 2012

As I work on the fun Fall stuff I have planned for this year with out trying to jam pack it all into one month. I'm trying to spread it out over all 3 months so more fall stuff is coming just only a couple times a week.

But all this fall stuff made me wonder what I blogged about previous years when it came to the fall season! And so I began browsing and what did I find? Well first off last year was our first fall since I started this blog since we lived in Hawaii prior to Germany so I had only one other year with Fall Fun.

So last year was the only blogs I had but they were great. Memories of many Kyra firsts. So lets take a little Journey back!!

Happy Halloween!! that was Kyra's first Halloween, follow the link to see how cute she was in her costume, and her learning how to carve her first pumpkin! I'm sure that is going to be an even more fun adventure this year!

She was such a baldy!!

Ich Liebe Germany fall was the season that made me fall so uncontrollably in love with Germany. This country turns so beautiful in the fall although it leads to a long cold winter it is still a great place to live. I wish I could bring my family here and than everything would be perfect.

Im going to have to take my own fall pictures with Kyra this year!!

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