Sunday, September 8, 2013

Impromptu trip to the U.S.A

I really like documenting my life. That is really what this crazy blogging thing narrows down to. I write to be able to look back someday and enjoy the memories once again. I love my viewers and it makes me feel appreciated when I get lots of views on posts.

I know writing these blogs will never make me money I do them for me. Or to share my ideas with others. Or to help out people with things I know about. I am not a photographer, I am not an artist, I don't claim to be anything. I am simply Kyra's mom, Dustin's wife and doing the best I can!! I wanna remember everything about these times because right now these are the best times of my life.

So although our trip home this year was unplanned and had sad origins. Maybe it was for the good. Although I miss my Grandmother incredibly. She would have wanted all the family to have a chance to be around each other!

Jake and Kyra playing with Great-Grandpa's toys :D

She loves G-Grandpa's yard as much as I do!!
Cuddling with Great Grandpa!

Wrestling with Grandpa!!

After the funeral we spent a lot time with family. However I was just really trying to enjoy the company of family while others took pictures. So I don't have a lot of pictures of my own until we got out of the hotel, and to Grandma and Papa J's!

Aunt/Cousin Ana!! Kyra just LOVED playing with her makeup and nail polish!!

Uncle/Cousin Miguel!! They had so much fun together.

She loves Miguel!! Always wanted to be held by him :D

Eating Pretzels with Papa J!

Papa J has a really nice yard too :D

My lil girl is ready for football season!!

Driving Daddies Tractor.

Drawing on the sidewalk

Begging Ana to take her to Chicago with her!!
Another great part about being in Nebraska getting to hang out with Aunt Tami and Preston we had a fun picnic at the park!

Preston teaching Kyra how to sniff flowers in the Garden!

Love my doodle bug!

We had the perfect timing for this trip however and got to attend 3 county fairs and I think it is what has spurred her love for animal noises lately.

Kyra checking out the piggies!

We let silly cheerleaders paint a butterfly on her was free so guess it didnt hurt anything

BAHAHAHA this is what happens when dad says we are being squinty!!

Watching the kids ride sheep

Such a happy girl!

This was a such a great trip home!!

Kyra with all but one of her Grandpas

haha she was pretty entertained with the fact he looked like a cat


She was checking out what he was doing!

What does the cow say?


Than we were headed to Colorado to spend sometime with Amber and Jake. The kids were a little rough to each other however too close in age. I honestly think when we went places people thought they were twins they look so similar!

Jake loves Jell-o


With toddlers of our own its not often we have a chance to get pictures with each others.

Kyra wasnt happy about sharing a bath with Jake.

As always we made our way down to see our other great grandparents!

Great Grandpa reading to Kyra!!

She loved Preston's cowboy boots

Picnic by the river!! She loved the water!

Grandma's neighbors had horses!

And great Grandma was really good at reading too :D
After that great trip it was on to the last leg of our trip and getting to spend sometime with Grandma while she had some time off from work. She took us to Casa Bonita, and a historic farm, and to ride a train!! The trip flew by but it was great to be able to go home this year or we may not have made it back!

Kyra by the casa bonita fountain

Driving a car!

Riding the horse

Foam Dinos

Enjoying a sunny day!

At the farm with Grandma

Just through that window was a 3-4 day old calf so cute she loved it!

Riding the Choo choo, fun but soooo hot out!

Rosey cheeks and worn out!!

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