Monday, September 16, 2013

Potty Training Round 1

So I made a promise to myself that when we finished the last case of diapers we were going to start potty training. I bought pull-ups instead of more diapers. I know she may seem a little young but my idea is to do it just for a pack of pull-ups and than if we aren't making progress we will buy another case of diapers and wait a month before we try again!! I just think getting the idea and concept in her mind young is a good idea! But I also know she won't ever do it consistently until she is ready to.

But to make it more fun I set up her potty chair next to a stool with all the pull-up choices and let her pick which one to wear. And I made a sticker chart to show our goals and what she will get when she goes so many times! And than for the first 3 days I am going to put her on the chair every 20 mins so she knows she has to keep going in and trying! I was gonna do the naked method, but decided for now doing it every 20 mins with the pull up on was good enough. Maybe round two we will try just being naked.

Keep your fingers crossed that things go well and I will be back to keep you updated on how our progress comes in the next week or so!

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