Monday, September 2, 2013


Pumpkin Pumpkin everywhere!!

Okay so the festival wasn't exactly as pumpkiney as I had expected!! They did have a really cool pyramid of pumpkins, but it was nothing compared to the pumpkin patches we have seen in the USA. Even Hawaii has a bigger patch!!

Plus you don't pick your own pumpkins they already did the picking. But I guess the Germans don't have Halloween in the way we do, so they aren't as excited about getting a pumpkin. For them the pumpkins are for eating and decorating during the fall.

The Pyramid of pumpkins

Kyra and her bestfriend!! Lol hard to get 2 toddlers to look at the camera at the same time.

The beauties of the pumpkin patch!

Lillia insisted on being in our picture!!

We had fun hanging out!! Love all my outings with my love!!

Again with the getting two toddlers to look at the same time is Hard

These two love each other!! I can't believe that Kyra is almost as big as Lillia, and 6 months younger!

The fest was interesting however, they had stands set up all over with cool things to look at and buy, and they even had a stand with all things pumpkin! Like Pumpkin waffles that looked so tasty!

They had pony rides, 4-wheeler rides, tractors to play on, and a hay ride. But sadly all the lines were outrageous even the one for food was moving too slow! So we opted out of doing anything besides walking around and enjoying the sites with the girls!!

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