Thursday, September 5, 2013

Drachenburg Castle

      Kyra and I went on a super fun adventure this week with our friend Erica. We originally saw the sign for this castle over a year ago when Dustin and I went to Koln for the first time and I just had to go! I love dragons. And Drachen for those of you who don't speak German means Dragon.

Obviously we were not on the train at the time but its a cute little guy!!

View from the bottom glad we didn't try to walk!

One of the little tunnels.

Really pretty tunnel you go through right by the big castle
Kyra and I riding the train up :D

      So Erica and I planned the trip to go out there and see it, since it is only about an hour away! She did more pre-research than me which is good cuz she found out that there was a train that takes you to the top of the mountain. But not just any train the oldest train in Germany!! So very cool! So we rode it to the top where the Drachenfels Ruins are.

"Several legends surround the Drachenfels, most famous of which is the one which recounts that Siegfried – the hero of the Nibelungenlied – killed the dragon Fafnir, who lived in a cave in the mountain, then bathed in its blood to become invulnerable. Hence, the mountain is named the "Dragon's Rock", Drachenfels."

View from the top!!

Ruins from just below!

Old Castles are my favorite!!

I can just imagine it in all its glory!

Kyra and I checking out the views!

Kyra in a window!

The fabulous Erica :D <3 br="">

Kyra doing a little castle climbing.

Kyra by one of the monuments

Only way we could get pictures of her was when she was sitting lol poor kids teeth hurt

     The original castle was built as a guard type castle to help protect the Koln area. As it is built on a very high mountain and can see up the river bother ways many miles. It was built in the early 12th century but was later mostly destroyed in the 30 years war with the Swedes. And has since Eroded to not much left.

You could ride a donkey up part of the way!! This little girl was too cute!

The old building we are not sure of its origins but its was cool to me none the less.

Kyra enjoying lunch!

Starting to look a bit like fall out there!

This beauty was next to the building on the hill

Kyra next to the castle!

    We ate lunch at the little cafe they have built up near the remains, enjoyed a glass of wine and watched Kyra freak out over a mouse fun stuff. Than we walked our way back down to the Newer Castle. Along the way we came across this creepy looking old building that was just sitting empty!! I fell in love I dunno why but I thought it was amazing. I am still trying to find some history on what it was.

I dunno the meaning behind the golden deer but hey they are pretty :D

Part of the dining room

Kyra and I in front of the castle!

Erica in front of the castle!

Such a big spiral staircase

Amazing art in the castle

What a beautiful castle!!

The entry way on the castle grounds

Princess Kyra

As proof that she is hitting terrible twos haha one of her fits she threw lol

Dragon head

Dragon head close up!

Erica's room

My room!!

I would certainly be alright with having this bookcase!

The office

Man cave, pool and rifles I think Dustin would be okay with this room :D

Kyras favorite room, this is one of the ones that got a lot of damage during the war.

Womens room, drinks and a great view? YES PLEASE!

Pretty stained glass!

   The Neu-Gothic Drachenburg Castle was built in the late 19th century so is not nearly as old but is currently in a liveable status so was very cool to see. Baron Stephan von Sarter built the castle in just 2 years but never did end up living in it.

  In 1903 his nephew bought the estate and turned it into a summer resort to attract tourists, he had the railroad built to allow people easier access to the mountain top. Much of what he did to make it resort like is how it is now with the restaraunt downstairs, and selling postcards.

   In 1923 the castle was sold to be Christian boy boarding school. And proved very idealistic for them. But was closed down in 1938

    During WWII the castle was taken by Adolf-Hitler The Adolf-Hitler-Schule (AHS 3) – a Nazi elite school – moved into Schloss Drachenburg in 1942. A lot of destruction was done on the building during the war and the Rhine side was completely exposed to the elements.

    The years after the war the castle was used for training, bust mostly underwent a large amount of construction to help bring it back to its original glory.

Schloss Drachenburg was eventually listed as a monument in 1986. And they finished restoring the property to become a tourist attraction once again.

Big thank you to Erica for taking pictures, I took some but she took a lot of the good ones cuz Kyra would run off or I was carrying her!!

If you follow this LINK you will be directed to the webpage of this castle where they have a video of the whole castle. It is however in German but if you want a full amazing view of the castle it is still worth taking a look!!

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