Monday, September 2, 2013

Necklace holder

As you all know my grandmother recently passed away! September 2nd was her Birthday I thought about her all day. She meant a whole lot to me and her passion for painting as inspired me to finally start putting more focus on my art. It is the one thing that when I am doing it I feel completely like myself. There is nothing like working on a project to relieve all my stress and worries.

So in her honor I am picking up the paint brush more often! I want to carry on her traditions and legends. Painting has never been my strong suit I do better with a pencil than with a paintbrush. But I want to learn and you never get better with out practice.

I thought what a better way to do so than by creating a beautiful necklace holder. All of her granddaughters and of course my mom were all given a chance to take what we loved most from her massive collection of jewelry. It is an honor to have so many beautiful necklaces and they shouldn't be tucked away somewhere. They should be displayed for everyone to see.

So I bought this peg board thing with intentions of making it into something for Kyra's room but than I saw it! It was perfect so I sat down and redid the paint job adding some details to it. All I have left now is to get another wall mount and hang everything up!

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