Monday, September 9, 2013

My Kyra is Loved

      I was just going to do a little blog about the letters I made for Kyra's room finally, but thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase all the wonderful things that have been personally made for Kyra's room.

 I made Kyra's letters with simple wood letters and scrapbook papers that matched the room.

This is a quilt made for her by her Great Grandma Hupp.

This one was made for her by her Godmother/Aunt Beth

This is from her Cousin/Aunt Ana.

This one her Aunt Tami made.

The bow hanger I made before she was born.

The butterfly chandelier was made by Dustin and I before she was born.

The canvas Art I made.

The stone with the bear painting her Great Grandma Goldstedt painted on a rock her Great Grandma found on a trip to New Mexico for her and I.

And the Mirror on her Door I made for her :D

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