Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Well another year has passed along with another Christmas. This year I didn't go out on the Christmas stuff not because I wasn't feeling it or anything, but because it was too much work and I frankly just wanna lay around until this baby comes....I am exhausted and don't feel like this baby can get any bigger and than it does.....

Did I mention at my last appointment he was measuring over 6lbs and 19 inches (at 33 weeks) it has been almost 2 weeks since that and I can only imagine how much bigger he has gotten. My poor belly is starting to see the effects of carrying a child that large :( And pretty much any form of physical activity has me having contractions all evening, which makes me even more uncomfortable.

But enough of that update. We are down to pretty much 30 days or less hopefully we will know within this next week an actual date for the arrival of Darren!!

So not a huge Christmas Haul this year, Kyra of course got lots of lovely toys, and clothes from family and santa. Dustin got an xbox1 and I got my new camera.....which I didn't realize was going to be my present since I needed it regardless but whatever.

We had so much fun opening gifts. Kyra was loving it than decided she needed a dancing break before she could continue and even after that was reluctant. I think it was just a lot for her to handle. And by 11 am she literally put herself down for a 3 hour nap before playing with any of her toys.

We ended our evening with canned Chilli and Spaghetti O's because tho we had planned to have a nice dinner, we never managed to buy a turkey or ham so didn't exactly have anything to cook. And I was just ready to rest.

We got a wreath but never found a way to hang it it this year!

Woohoo the first gift she found was her bike!!

Santa wrapped his present with Rainbow Dash

First princess dress and shoes!!

Santa also got her skates, and pads!!

Opening stockings!

Snow globe

Lego Movie

Rainbow Dash

Candy Land


Good throw!

Flash Cards!!

time to get some practice!!

This is my fave picture!!! She is so happy dancing!!

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