Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in review - Resolutions

Well it is finally here. The last day of 2014, this year has been full of memories, laughter and changes. In some ways it has flown by and at other times, it was as though time stood still. I am always amazed at the end of each year how much has happened in 12 short months. This post may be one of the ones I look forward to most each year. The chance to look back at our year. See how everything went, and than plan our goals for the coming year!!

So this blog may or may not be being written in the middle of the night 12:30 am to be exact on new years eve. But I knew it needed to get done before the end of the year and this time of day I seem to always be up as well sleep has come to not exist at this point in my pregnancy. Besides it is a lot easier without a toddler hanging off your arm, or a husband playing war games in the background to truly focus on what I want to say.

So at the end of 2013, I reflected on the previous year. And set out with what at the time seemed like an impossibly long list of Resolutions. But however long it was I made sure it was achievable goals! And now sitting here looking at that list I am so proud of  myself for crossing off as many as I did.

2014 Resolutions:

Read 12 books: I did this goal within the first like 6-7 months. Amazingly setting this as something I wanted to acheive really was like a permission slip to allow myself to spend more of my (me time) time reading which I have always enjoyed. I started out writing reviews of the books I read but there was quite a few I just never got to and I am okay with that!! I know what I have and haven't read. With this goal I discovered the great app Oyster that I use every single day they have so many titles available and has saved a lot from buying from Amazon!!!

Blog twice a week: Well if you have been following along all year you know there are weeks where I only blogged once or just disappeared all together. But with that being said I did manage to blog over 104 times which is equal to 2 times a week so I think that is fair enough!! And I managed to finish all the blogs I had in my draft folder before the year ended!

Run 2 5ks: This is one of the 3 that I didn't manage to do. This is mostly because when I wanted to do them, when I was in really good shape at the beginning of the year, they didn't have many available, or I didn't know where to look. Than things changed and my ability to run a 5k kind of dwindled. But really I am not heart broken as this was a goal that I wasn't as passionate about as most the others.

Get out of debt:  We set this goal and it was the first one we accomplished!! We sat down after deciding that 2014 was the year we were done with having unnecessary debt. And though it involved sacrificing quite a bit of our tax return and what savings we had. Knowing that we now live with out payments every month. And that every penny in our account is ours if we need it is extremely relieving. 

Get organized and declutter: Another failed goal. This is something that is going to take true dedication and I want it so bad. There are places around my house that I have made a dent on but just not enough. I am a collector and have a hard time letting go of things I could use in the future. But in my mind I want to be more simple. I want to have a house that is easy to keep clean and maintain. That looks well put together and makes since to more people than us. So hopefully someday I will manage that but this year just didn't bring the changes in myself that needed to come to get my house organized!

Maintain my 4.0 gpa: I am proud to say I have manged this, really with no problems either. I am now taking off until we are moved and settled so likely until next Fall :( I really would love to finish my associates, but life goes on I am still learning and growing everyday just hanging out with Kyra, and soon to be Darren, and school will always be there.

Do 24 photo-shoots(-26): At the beginning to the year I had no perspective on just how quickly my photography was going to take off. I have loved every second of the adventure. I thought well if I can manage to take two shoots a month I would be really happy with where I am, I had no idea that some weekends would involve up to 8 shoots! I have taken on photo shoots I never thought would have happened and I am so dang proud of the photos that I have presented my clients! I have a long ways to go and will never stop learning. But I am passionate and LOVE every moment I spend with my camera and my clients!!

Go on 3 trips: Well if you have followed along with our journeys this year you know we have taken WAY more than 3 trips. We wanted to see as much of Europe as we were able to before we move away. This place is amazing and I am glad that we have checked off as much as we have. You would think having Kyra would keep us from seeing things but, I feel like she has learned a lot and is more worldly at 2.5 than more kids may ever be.

Reach 145 lbs:  Okay so I got to 152 at one point this year. I was so close. But than my next resolution, well kinda hindered that one. I don't even wanna talk about where I am now LOL

Get pregnant: Well from my very large belly it is clear this goal was reached!!!

Okay, So last night I sat down to write this because I had too much on my mind to sleep with Darren's due date less than a month away and his arrival date up to 10 days earlier than that, Just so much to get done. But as I was finishing the list from last year, sleep began to take over so here I sit while Kyra watches Daniel Tiger and eats breakfast finishing this blog to share with you today!!

2015 Resolutions:

Give Birth to a Happy Healthy baby Boy

Blog 3x a week: This one should be an easy one, that is only 52 more than this year. And with my weekly post of the 52 week challenge and my idea of doing a weekly update of how our week has gone that is already 2 a week. I am sure in between there we will have some fun activities, crafts, new recipes, and photo-shoots to talk about!!

Get back in Shape: No real weight goal as I know the first year after a baby isn't about how much weight you lose but how comfortable you feel in your body. I just can't wait to start working out again!!

Move and settle into Texas

Do 24 shoots: So I know I said this year 24 was way too low but I am thinking that with the fact I will only be doing a few shoots here in Germany before we move, and than taking the time to actually get my business set up and running in Texas it may be harder to achieve. I am very hopeful however to reach this goal!! I can't wait to meet all the new faces I will be shooting in Texas!!

Have a substantial Savings by December.

52 week Challenge.

Get organized and declutter:  Haha so I know I say this every year. But I am thinking with the big move it will be a great opportunity to get rid of a ton of stuff before we leave. And than start out with the new house organized. I am also doing a challenge of sorts that has 365 days worth of cleaning and organizing. So if I can stick with that than we should be golden!

Memory Jar: This is a new thing for us this year, and I really hope that it will be something we follow through with, every time we have a great memory, a story, write it down and stick it in the jar and on New Years Eve we will sit down and read them all!! And suggested my cousin that we put them all in a book each year to have years of memories down the road!

If you made it this far and are still reading. Thanks for being a true reader. You are the reason I write these blogs, I am always surprised to see that there is anywhere from 8- 20 readers of each post I write and that makes me happy!! I enjoy sharing our lives with you and keeping everyone up to date on the craziness that we.....idk where I was going with that I have a toddler throwing a fit because she is insisting we paint. So I have to go now!! Thanks ya'll

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