Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Woohoo another Christmas Market Blog!! And on our 1st day of snow...we had snow one night that was melted in a matter of like 2 hours. But this was the first snow to come and stick around during the day...I hope it just stays cold...but don't wanna get my hopes up too high!!

Sunday we went to Frankfurt as soon as it opened to avoid the crowds. It was still pretty busy since it was a weekend, but we were able to easily navigate with a stroller, and had a great time enjoying the warmer day!

I kinda wanted to buy all the balls and hang them all over my house they were so pretty!!


mmmmmm best food at the markets I want this everyday!!

Fried Brie and Cranberry sauce it was amazing Kyra even wanted it!!

The heaven that is Gluhwein

It was pretty crowded as you can tell!!! Don't mind my hair it was looking not so hot....

 I really wanted this moose too!!

uhm chocolate EVERYTHING!!!

Kyra having the most fun ever on the train!!!

Nose photos!!!

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