Saturday, December 27, 2014

New 52 weeks Challenge for 2015

So if you have been around for a long time reading my blog you would remember not this past year but the year before the 52 week challenge I did. Although I didn't manage to get the pictures out the same day each week and actually ended up posting out of order, to include about 5-8 of them in a row at the end of the year just to finish them!! If you want to look at those follow this LINK!

But this year my little sister is going to be joining in also. She will probably share her pictures on the links I share on Facebook of my pictures, but maybe I will talk to her about having them to me once a week so they can be included with mine :D

So what makes these challenges more fun is having other people join in. I would LOVE to have more of you guys do the challenge with me. If you are interested in joining in let me know!! And we can find a way to include your pictures on my blog or Facebook too!! It is so cool to see what different images come out of each theme!!!

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