Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Munchen Zoo 2014

We knew we wanted to have a chance to see more of Munchen, but we also know that Kyra isn't a huge fan of all the old areas of town, unless they have parks!!

We sadly never made it downtown as after 4 hours of walking at the Zoo I was too worn out to go anywhere else and walk, I was ready to be back in our room resting.

But I am so glad we went to the Zoo, in my opinion it may be the best Zoo I have ever been to and not only Kyra enjoyed herself!!

My belly looks really weird here!!! A baby Giraffe is taller than me weird huh!!

Kyra really liked the Giraffes

How pretty is this tree?

Kyra's Donkeys! Sorta....

They both weren't sure of each other!!!

So playful splashed me right in the face!!

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Stinky little guy my hands stank after petting him!!

My dessert for missing Thanksgiving it was Litterally my grandmas Cherry Lush on a pie crust with like Nutella on it and than Berry Jam

Kyra has become quite the photographer lol

Erica Style Selfie!!

Put the Camera away and someone was out in seconds!!!

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