Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Idstein Christmas Market

So although we had this grand list of Christmas Markets we just had to visit this year, as the days come we are realizing that both the HUGE markets, and the ones further away are just not as intriguing. I think it has to do with our long trip that didn't end awesome to Edelweiss it really wore us as a family out.

So we are sticking closer to home. But this has turned out as a wonderful thing because we went to this market in Idstein on a whim and I am sooooo very glad that we did!!! It is totally in my top 3 or 4 Markets we have ever been to!! It did have points where it was crowded but, that is probably because it is only open one weekend a  year.

It was small town feel, cheaper prices on food and drinks, and just BEAUTIFUL with all the Timber buildings!!! Unfortunately we are still taking pictures with the point and shoot so the pictures don't entirely do it justice. A lot because I am not used to a camera so small and my big gloved hands end up covering the flash at night so everything is all out of focus and such.

Idstein is known for that tower, it is their Witching tower and the oldest building in town.

Kyra making sure Monkey stays warm on her adventure!!

Being known for their Witching tower, they have cute witch themed things around town!!

Beautiful lit streets

Adorable stands with things that were different than all the other markets!!

Old Timber homes!!

Dustin eating his Brat!!

Enjoying the Market with Daddy!!

Kyra loves the Christmas Decorations

Uh who doesnt love that face? oh and the lipstick color she chose for herself :P

Momma's Fave little girl!!

Daddy is an awesome Horse to ride around town!!

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