Saturday, December 6, 2014

Limburg Christmas Market

Hey guys!!! I am back for yet another Christmas Market Blog. I know they probably aren't the most exciting things. But they are so pretty and full of the spirit, and I know in the future I will love to go back and look at these blogs and remember all the fun.

This market was in a town just up the river about 40 mins from home in the town of Limburg. I believe I did a blog a ways back about this town when we went to visit before. Kyra was really small at the time, and we walked all over town trying to find their big church they are known for and just couldn't find it. Turns out there is only 1 road and 1 set of stairs that lead to it, which explains why we had such a hard time.

But this trip with Erica and Jennifer I got to see it. I think it is really pretty and so different too, it is just so colorful looking.

I am madly in love with any little town that has the timber homes!!!

Crazy looking guardians of bakery!

Main guy in the window

Christmas Zebra?

Lavender Bike!

Timber Building and a beautiful Wreath

Kyra picking the reindeer's nose

Santa is creeping on Erica!

Kyra with one of her faves!!!

Jennifer enjoying her weenie!!

Picture with Santa!! :P

Santa was KINDA creepy!!

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