Thursday, December 4, 2014

Innsbruck Christmas Market

Innsbruck's Christmas Market was a surprise one, we had started the day out thinking we were going to go to Salzburg, but after just the drive to Innsbruck I was feeling to uncomfortable already to make it any further so we decided to enjoy Innsbruck again!! 

The parking lot we happened to stop in was right next to the Christmas Market that had just started that day. There was other sections to the Christmas Market around town but I was having contractions just walking around, NOT MY DAY lol. But the part we did get to experience was lots of fun and really cute!!

Little break on the drive over the mountain. I think if I remember right this was Blind lake!

The River in Innsbruck was SOOO Blue this picture doesn't even do it justice.

We always let Kyra ride the carousel at each market if she wants to, she doesn't always want to strange kid!!

Everything in this stand was soooo cute!!

Kyra eating her Fried Bread!!

Dustin Stuffing his Face~!! :D

The Cup Dustin wanted to keep, they had SOOOO many colors. But they took it away when we got a refill :(

Kyra and Santa!!

Found Kyra a really cute Stocking!!!

I love Austria

Kyra won the duck at a pick the duck stand lol!!

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