Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mothers Day Mom

So on this big day, I of course am thinking of my mother!! She is such an amazing person and a have been on so many fun adventures with her!! I am really sad that over the past 6 years of living overseas I haven't gotten to spend much time with her alone like I would like to. It is hard being away from her and only getting to talk maybe once a week. I have been blessed that she was here for one of the biggest days of my life when I too became a mom!! I was so excited last year to get to spend Mother's Day weekend with her, my grandmother, and my sisters in Black Hawk we had a great time!!

Me and my mom in Blackhawk last Mother's Day!!

Enjoying a nice walk along the river!!

She is such a fantastic grandmother!!

Four generations!!

Such sweet precious moments!

Graduations were always on Mother's Day to honor the moms I guess!!

My mommy with my sweet baby girl only hours old!!

My mother is so beautiful and I love that everyone says I look so much like her, I think that is a wonderful thing!!

Hawaii with my mom!!

Aww hawaiian bears!!

Can I just say look at those legs!!!

We had so much fun in Hawaii together memories I will never forget!!

Hiking in Hawaii!! 

Beautiful birds!! The one on my shoulder was my friend!!

Our first facebook photo together haha we were in Texas!! Great times and I hope we will take lots more together in Texas soon!!

I can't wait to live closer and be able to see my mom more, she is just such a great person!! Happy Mothers Day mom!!!

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