Monday, May 4, 2015

The one with movers and roofers madness

Omg this week well the beginning of it was sheer madness. As you know the movers came Monday and Tuesday. Even tho we just sit and watch them pack things up, the stress of it makes the days exhausting also doesn't help that the kids are ultra crazy, I'm sure they are stressed too!! But luckly the movers part is, in my opinion, the worst part. It takes me weeks to get everything how I want it for the movers to come, than make sure nothing important gets packed up etc it's a lot of work. And I didn't include Sunday in this week because I have another blog I wanted to post tomorrow so it will probably be in next week!! 

Monday: okay first a little added event that happened after I posted last weeks blog on Sunday. We were Skyping with Dustin's parents, and he was being a real genius and playing on a broken ottoman. Well needless to say it broke more and he managed to put his foot through one of my picture frames and wedged a chunk of glass into it. He went to the ER and they cleaned it up and he was sent home with just pain killers. He is still sore but will survive, however I doubt he learned his lesson. Okay now back to Monday, it was day 1 of movers!

We were blessed to have our neighbor and friend be willing to watch Kyra for a large majority of the day so she wouldn't be in the house and freaking out over the movers packing up her room!! But poor Darren, after diving off the couch while I was doing last min cleaning before the movers came, had a long day of being held a lot and not getting proper naps!! Mostly because the taping of boxes isn't quiet when there are two people doing it constantly all day, and then we also still have roofers working on the building and chose to have the noisiest day also. Poor kid. So by the time both had stopped he was in a mood. I spent the hour before he fell asleep walking around the house talking to my Grandma while trying to keep the kid calm. But when he passed out he was OUT! And so was Kyra which surprised me since her room was all full of packed up boxes, and we laid her down upside down in her bed. But guess Elizabeth really wore her out walking to and from Zumba!!

Tuesday: Was far less stressful which is surprising considering Kyra was home with us too!! Everyone just seemed in a better mood, and they only had one room up stairs to finish and then loading everything into the crates!! They were done and gone by like 1 or 2!! Than we had the rest of the afternoon to hang out, and get loaner furniture set up how we wanted it!! As celebration for all the work we put in, I made a really yummy dinner of pork steaks and asparagus with rhubarb crisp!! It was heavenly!!

Wednesday: Not a lot happened on Wednesday except phone calls, and a couple errands to include buying the last things we should need before the trip!! Than we went to the local park just in time for a small storm to run through and it got a bit too chilly for Darren so we headed back!! I took all the pictures with my camer so I can't unfortunately share any of them until we are in Texas with our stuff so be prepared for that sudden photo dump, which will as usual come onto the blog first :)

Thursday: After realizing unless I join in entertaining Kyra, the next weeks are gonna be miserable. So although I spent most the day playing silly games, dancing, wrestling, coloring was so much less stressful and the day passed quickly. Also didn't hurt that at most given time one or the other seemed to be asleep!! Finally after weeks of being stressed about the movers coming (I know just another excuse) I finally got back on the bandwagon and got a nice workout in. It was a short one but felt so great!! I did a 7 min squat challenge by Zachary Fiorido on YouTube, and it killed my legs!!

Friday: What a beautiful day, I love sunshine and outdoor time!! Unfortunately we spend mornings inside because currently Darren and Kyra are on like opposite schedules and one seems to always be asleep until about 2-3. But we went out after naps to the park across the street from the house and played for a while!! Again pictures from that are on my camera so...

Saturday: We woke up and since we are carless we have to do multiple little grocery trips so we ran out of breakfast foods and are frankly quickly running out of everything seeing as we are trying to only buy stuff we can finish before we leave. So I drug Dustin out of bed and we went for a nice stroll to the Bakery we love going to. And grabbed some coffee, spargel, and erdbeeren on the way home it was a lovely way to spend the morning! Then we had lunch and naps before heading to the grocery store to get a few days worth of food! Ending our day with some family time of dinner, popcorn and a movie!!

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