Friday, May 1, 2015

Prepping for the Move: 20 days to go!

Woo hoo we are getting so close now! Over the last 10 days almost all of our things have been packed up and left the house!! It's strange only having a few toys, clothes, our couches and loaner furniture around the house!! But as I enjoy, it means for a lot less chores!! Cooking becomes a challenge when you have very few items left to cook with, but we are still managing to cook some pretty tasty things!!

We are also getting plenty of exercise with having to walk to get groceries and such every weekend, thank goodness the weather has been very beautiful I love spring time!! We still have lots to get done in the next 20 days but we are feeling a lot less rushed and worried now that all the hotels, hhg (householdgoods), car shipped, etc have been taken care of!! 

I already really miss our bed, the loaner bed is horrible on my back. But it's better than the floor which we will likely be spending plenty of time on in Texas!! Speaking of Texas hopefully the housing lady was able to switch the house we were being offered from the one story to the two which has carpet in the bedrooms and living room I believe, and also has a better layout!! Really can't wait until we have a yard tho!!

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