Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Working out, what happened?

So a couple months ago I was all inspired and crazy about working out and I was all gung ho. Then you just didn't hear anything again. Well as much of an excuse as it may come off as, life just has been busy. Between getting our orders and everything that comes with moving around the world. And just simply trying to get my body back to itself after the baby things just didn't go as planned.

I personally love working out, but I had some medical situations that needed resolved before I was going to be able to push myself as hard as I would like. Now that I have seen my doctor and I am back on meds I was on during the pregnancy, the are slowly getting back to normal. And I can't wait to get things back on track as far as working out as soon as we are out of hotels. So expect by this time next month a whole new workout update!! I think I am going to start mixing it up more and also have plans for possibly doing a video about working out with kids!! 

So if you enjoy my workout blogs as it appears many people do, stayed tuned more will be coming back soon! 

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