Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The one with the last mops meeting in Germany

Monday: So after a long weekend of Shade not feeling well with Diarrhea, I woke up to even more messes, along with a dog who kept throwing up every 5 mins and something other than just bile. Not sure what it was but I called Dustin who was busy clearing things on base and told him to contact the vet she needed to be seen. So we got ahold of a German vet who got us in right away...Shade who has major anxiety, was not thrilled about the trip. She spent most the day with the vet on an iv and took some medicines, and stuff and didn't continue to get sick so hopefully it was just something she got into and all will be good to go! 

This distraction made Dustin miss out on getting much else work wise done. But we did get groceries, a trip to the post office, and my prescription filled. So all in all fairly successful day!! Oh and being slightly creative we had my moms taco salad just in a tortilla and although I was concerned it would be odd it turned out fantastic maybe I'll post a recipe blog soon about it!!

Tuesday: Poor Shade was still not feeling too great and took all day to just lay around and recover. By the end of the day she had at least gotten her appetite back and was eating some foods and begging for human food again. Dustin continued to work on clearing base, and the. Headed to the Dagger for hopefully the last time to recieve his PCS awards!! And a pretty sweet coin. I was feeling a little anxious but the above quote helped me get myself back on track!! And then after i refocused I spent the evening playing with the kids and watching them play together!!

Wednesday: Was the last MOPS meeting of the school year, and our last one here!! I am going to really miss going to the meetings with all the awesome ladies!! I really can't believe that I missed out the first 2 years I was here. I took a quiet moment today while watching all the lovely women interacting and enjoying conversation to kind of reflect. It's amazing looking at this group of people and realizing we are all at any given time of day just moms all in the same boat of simply trying to survive the crazyness that is having children who are preschool age!! We may all look like we have it together every other week when we meet up, but if you really sat down at one of our tables and just listend you would hear horror stories, proud moments, gross events, and sweet times that all come with the roller coaster of parenthood. We all are on different paths but right now we are all lucky enough to have these little people in our lives teaching us how to be great moms!! This year we learned how to be more brave in our everyday lives and to strive to live our lives without things holding us back. It has been incredible!!

The rest of the day Dustin finished clearing almost all the rest of base so we can focus next week on cleaning cleaning cleaning!! Meanwhile I seperated out and managed to list all the baby clothes that don't currently fit our kids and sold it all :) Woot still have a few things in the basement to sell or it's getting donated!!

Oh and Dustin found me and Melanie's names on the coke bottles!! Woot!!

Thursday: Was spring cleaning day on base. Which means each housing unit is responsible for maki sure their buildings look nice both inside and out. Seeing as our building is still currently covered in scaffolding there wasn't much that could really even be done. The stairwells got swept and some weeds were pulled from the sidewalk all basic stuff. But with the day of cleaning upon us it meant Friday would be a bulk pickup day for garbage, and so our couches had to go...but not without one last nap!! The rest of the day after the pre-inspection which took all of like 10 mins, was spent hanging out and getting all our unaccompanied baggage in one place to ship it. And had some pizza for dinner with Eva!

Friday: Our Friday started out with an earth shaking boom. When we woke up early to Kyra and put her back to bed, but then didn't hear anything more from her until the alarm went off. Fortunately I found this odd and went to check on her. Just to find an empty bed and a front door a jar. She was out on an adventure alone to go buy gummy bears. Needless to say no caffine was needed to get our day started! Unaccompanied pick up came bright and early and with it went the remainder of Kyras toys and the TV. So finding a way to entertain her was essential. Meaning Dustin built a fort!! It is pretty banging if I do say so myself!! And than he managed to get himself stuck in it also!! Seeing as we are quickly running out of food around the house we decided to walk to the px for lunch, and coffee!! Which is quite a feat. And on our way home for a change of scenery went on the trail that led by a strawberry field so of course we had to stop and pick a few along with some wine :) by the time we got home we were all worn out and just relaxed on our couch cushion chairs :)

Saturday: Okay the pictures make it look like I was home all day but one is the before picture and he other is he after from our super fun and eventful day!! We walked to the train station and went to Rudesheim to ride a boat for lunch! And than walked home, boy were we exhausted by the time we got home. More in a blog in the future!! With pictures from the camera!!

Sunday: The kids made our day start off very early, but it made the morning seem super efficient seeing as we managed to clean the whole master bedroom and bathroom and Dustin got the main bathroom toilet cleaned too!! Than we finished the bathroom and our bedroom after nap so 1/3 of the house is done!! 3 more days of cleaning to go!! Last commissary trip done, and now we just gotta cruise through this last week coming up!!

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