Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The one when we started clearing!!

Sunday: So as you saw I did a Mother's Day blog all about my mom and our adventures together. So last Sunday got pushed back to this week so I could make last Sunday all about my momma! 

But it was also Mother's Day for me too!! Mid afternoon we decided we wanted to go for a stroll and walked into town for ice cream, and since the weather was so perfect we walked over to the little park near by. Kyra loves this park because it's full of sand. And as an excellent example of her Tom boy self she dove in head first without hesitant. And when I said head first I mean she litterally stuck her head down into the sand!! While at the park she finally concurred her fear of slides and took on the huge rickety old slide like a boss!!

After fun at the park we came home and just hung out and had Dinner, than Dustin and I made some brownies (see previous blog) that were to die for!!

Monday: Monday was a really lovely day!! Me and the kids just hung out around the house playing!! And took a trip to the park across the street. It had been closed for a few months for no appearant reason and it's her favorite so I took her over there!! And I was glad to see her fear of slides didn't return at a different park and she even figured out how to climb UP the slide!! She is a brave stinker at the park and I Love it!! She was climbing up a ladder on the bigger kids type playground and slipped and busted her shin!! But by the time she got to me to tell me she forgot what hurt!!

Tuesday: After a day where everyone was happy there had to be a day where they weren't. Everyone including Darren was just having an off day. Maybe it was the weather because we had a little storm come through with snow rain according to Kyra (aka. Hail). In an attempt to entertain the child we made playdoh from a recipe we saw on Pinterest, like all things are hit or miss. Well it was a fail. Turns out corn starch and hair conditioner don't make a playdoh that stands up to much. It just crumbled every where and makes a mess. But one good thing came out of the day. Kyra decided she no longer needs the potty seat on the toilet and that she is too big of a girl!! 

Wednesday: We didn't have a whole lot going on Wednesday, Dustin began the paperwork to clear base. Basically he has to get signatures from every place in base saying we down owe them anything!! It's a very simple task, but tedious!! After the offices had closed for the day we took Kyra to the park again, it has been such beautiful weather!! And than just enjoyed family time around dinner!! Which included playing with silly camera apps on my IPad!! And I went down in the evening to set up our basement to take pictures and sell stuff. I had so much interest we decided to just have a mini sale Thursday morning!!

Thursday: We started our morning out busy! We had a mini garage sale, and had lots of people coming and going for the first hour!! Than it slowed down and pretty much stopped after we sold the big ticket stuff. But we did mange to get rid of most things!! Gonna list closer up pictures and prices today and whatever doesn't sell will either go with UAB on Friday or to the thrift shop on Thursday. In the afternoon we got to Skype with my mom, which we don't get to do very often so it was a treat for Kyra and Darren!! And we finished our day with a walk to wear the hyperactive kid named Kyra out!!

Friday: Was an awesome day!! We started the day out with cuddle time with the littles, than after Dustin got done with his clearing for the day, he brought me home Starbucks, and we played with the silly camera again!! Then we headed downtown to a doctors appointment before grabbing lunch at Okiniis for the last time before we move!!

Saturday: So one of Dustin's friends has been very generous in letting us borrow his car on the week days. But on the weekend if we need something we have to walk there. And the community that has the grocery store recently became gated and you have to go through either the electronic gate, or go up to the main gate and have them check your Id. Well the electronic gate that is located closer to our home has been out of order for a while now so we had to walk all the way to the bottom of the hill to get on to base, than back up the hill to the store and all the way back around to the house!! So much fun!! I pushed some of the way home, and two babies, groceries, and a huge stroller make quite the workout!! Anyways that evening we had another BBQ if you could call it that as our grill ran out of gas so we had to have other food :) but it turned out delicious with tacos and pulled pork!! I am going to miss our friends like crazy when we leave :(

Sunday: Ended up being a lazy day for the most part for our family. We just hung out around the house all morning!! And than we went to get Ice Cream down in town with Julie and her daughter!! It was a nice walk and a chance to catch up with her. Both of us have been so busy, us with our move, and she is currently in the process of getting out of the Army!!

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