Friday, May 1, 2015

The one with the going away party

POh boy what a week, a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing, and appointments. What a blast it has been. Have to say I am thrilled it's finally over. It took forever for us to get the whole house ready ready for the movers. But they show up early tomorrow and I can say we are officially ready!!

So we don't really have much other than a very clean and empty feeling house to show for the week. We did manage a few distractions of hanging out with friends to help keep our sanity in the midst of cleaning. Both Jenn and Melanie came and spent some time chatting. And Dustin's company set up a going away party for 4 seperate people who are all leaving this month!! It was a lot of fun, and really made me happy to see how many people in his unit showed up to say fair well!! 

Well yeah, that's all the excitingness we had this week, so here are a couple pictures that were taken!! 

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