Monday, May 11, 2015

My Planner Obsession

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen that I have recently became more interested in Planners. Well this isn't completely true as I have had one every year since I was in High School. I really love being organized and planners work wonders. 

But as of lately I came across a group of women who have the same interest and sit and plan each week, and love having theirs handy. Along with making lists, and decorating. It made my obsession just seem more like a normal hobby!! So i thought I would share a quick blog with all the stuff I have so far, and if it doesn't get much attention I may not continue to do blogs about it, I don't wanna post things no one is interested in!! 

Alright my last planner runs out after June so I was in the market for a new planner and the names that kept coming up when googling great planners was Erin Condren and Plum Paper Planners. After comparing price points, and watching YouTube videos I didn't see enough of a difference in products to buy the more expensive version. So here is my Plum Planner!!!

They have a huge variety of choices as far as covers. You can also choose anything you would like to personalize them. I just thought my name would keep it simple. Plum planner also has many options as far as the styles you can choose on the inside. I chose the simple morning afternoon evening style, but they have family planners, school ones, teachers, etc.... 

The planner is very useful in itself with weekly, monthly, yearly, notes, contacts, and even a nice little folder at the back. I am so excited to start using it in July. Oh yeah did I mention it also can be designed to start any month you would like!!

But while researching planners I cam across hundreds of videos and Instagram accounts of women who use their planners not just to schedule their lives, but also to be creative with. They decorate each weekly view in all kinds of ways to make it so much fun. It really is like a mixture of logical planning and being organized, and scrapbooking/journaling. So not only do they plan ahead but as the proceeds they may add things here and there of fun things that happened, so in years to come they can look back on their lives.

As part of the decorating people use washi and stickers of all sorts from different crafts stores and anywhere they can find it, but not only that but along with all these women comes shops upon shops of etsy stores full to the brim with planner stickers!! What's a planner sticker? Let me show you!!

They have flags, banners, and stickers all to help keep things organized!! Make sure you let me know if you want to see more about my planner, and maybe next time I order stickers I can pull out all of the supplies I have already and show them off!! I have pens, and tape and tons of stickers!! But I didn't want to scare you off with my first blog. I will also do a planner decoration blog after the first week of July so I can show you how I use most the stickers!! 

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