Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The one we moved into the hotel

Monday: We woke up and looked up what time Starbucks opens, we are both coffee junkies and since our coffee pot has been gone a while that has been something we have to go get now!! Luckily we didn't leave right away so we didn't get there at like 8 because due to the holiday they didn't open until 9 which is fair, but jeez let people know before hand!! There was tons of people disappointed. We got there at 845 so just sucked it up and waited 15 mins. And on our mile walk home we even got some more fresh strawberries!! Yummo!! The rest of the day after nap that is, was spent cleaning more of the house!! Ugh all we do anymore is clean ;)

Tuesday: So pretty stinking uneventfully. Me and the kids were home all day cleaning, Kyra even helped me. I spent little time doing much of anything else. Dustin was out and about finishing clearing everything he could. And than taking stuff to the thrift store, and the dog to the vet for her under 10 days to flight health inspection. Then we cleaned some more, until Eva came to give us a nice little break and chat and have dinner!! She helped us get rid of a lot of excess stuff and was nice spending some more time together gonna miss her lots!! After she left Dustin bought some champagne to sip while we packed suitcases. We are allowed like 20 checked bags lol only taking 8 haha we are traveling light. Then when we were all done and tired, we headed to bed where low and behold some super cute blue eyes were wide awake. So mommy had someone to hang out with for a little while, and took the only picture of the day lol!

Wednesday: So before you judge Dustin wanted it this way. I would have been more than willing to stay most the day to help, but he litterally like pushed us out the door! So after making sure nothing was getting left behind we headed to the hotel, had lunch with Dustin and then he headed to the house to begin cleaning. I spent the day with the kids, we watched tv, which we haven't in well over a week pretty much. Played at the playground by the hotel. And then tried to get Kyra to take a nap which was a fail. But I am thinking now in retrospect that was a good thing because she was exhausted by bed time and went to sleep pretty easily. Dustin was up most the night cleaning and was grumpy. And we had company at dinner a la food court with Jennifer!! 

Thursday: We had our meeting with housing to inspect the house. Unfortunately the house wasn't clean enough and we were told what needed fixed before they would come back and sign he paperwork to get us out of the house. They scheduled it for Friday at 1300 which gave us way more time than was needed. But Kyra went with Daddy to go clean most the day. And Darren and I went on a couple errands with Jennifer to get out of the house. We had lunch together and then Dustin went to work to clear some of the last things he could. And was back later to head to the PX for dinner. Only been a couple days and I am so over fast food. After babies were in bed I ran over to the bar located across the parking lot to enjoy a couple drinks with Jenn and Eva!! It was a blast they are alway so much fun to hang out with!

Friday: Our last week day in Germany!! And we started it out early to spend some time with all our dear friends here. We met up with our friends Elizabeth and Kelsey for coffee and let our girls play at the playground. And at 9 met up with Megan at the Entertainment Center for breakfast! And even got to see Jennifer again (I forgot my toothpaste in her car) and talked her into hanging out for a while :) after breakfast Kyra was getting cranky so we came back to the hotel to hang out. And just ended up watching tv, wrestling around and just hanging out at the hotel because it rained all afternoon!! We cleared housing and ended up paying around 700 dollars for stupid things but mostly the floor :/ after Dustin finished clearing post he came back and we went out to our favorite little german restaurant for dinner. We love the place and enjoyed a great meal. The waitress even took Darren and walked around with him for a while so we could eat! 

Saturday: Our last day in Germany! We started out playing with friends at the park to say "see you later". Kyra had made some awesome friend while we were here in Germany so hopefully we will be able to make just as many in Texas! We went to lunch and got some delicious Spaghetti Eis and Dustin got Baileys Eis! We chilled and did laundry the rest of the afternoon before heading to dinner with some friends!! It was so great to see everyone before our trip! 

Sunday: Well today is the big day, we are packing up and rolling out!! Gonna be a long stressful day and no doubt an even longer night!! But looks out Texas here we come!!

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