Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The one we arrived in Texas

Monday: We started out first week in Texas at our new Casa de hotel. Is hotel is huge however in comparison to the one in Germany, I guess what they say is true everything is bigger in Texas. Okay sorry had to say that saying once. We woke up after arriving very late, to find that one of Dustin's bags was not with us. After a few phone calls we were able to locate it and go and get it from the airport we flew into. After which we all went down and had breakfast at the awesome breakfast buffet. We decided to swing by the px because we needed water, dog food, and a cell phone to get us by. We grabbed the hotel shuttle and had lunch there too. While waiting for the shuttle we stood outside for a good 20+ mins in the shade but still super hot for what we are used to, and then piled into a van that was equally as hot. Needless to say I don't do well with heat and felt very sick the rest of the evening :( and passed out while nursing Darren before bed.

Tuesday: Was an uneventful day. Dustin went to his first day of inprocessing and was gone all morning. The kids and I just hung out in the room, grabbed breakfast and hung out some more, oh did I mention we were up at 5 am. Gotta love Jetlag. So after a rather boring a tad bit annoying day of screams whiney kids, I got a chance to go pamper myself. And chopped off most of my hair, it was so needed for the heat here so I don't die. Also while out with Jane (one of our neighbors and friends from Germany) she gave me a little tour of everything around where we are looking for housing, and took me to an amazing burger joint for dinner!!

Wednesday: Well we had a really rough night of sleep and I only ended up sleeping until about 230 between both kids. Then we had to wait until 0600 to eat breakfast. We are the only family down there eating breakfast that early. I really hope we get our sleeping back on track somewhat, ad I feel like an actual zombie right now. Dustin was at work all morning besides lunch and then got home at 1500 and we ran out with his friend to go look at a house off post we were interested in. But by the time we got to the renters office it was signed on, so we just grabbed dinner and went back to the hotel for the night.

Thursday: Well Darren was up up at around 0500 so hopefully that means we are making progress, and kyra came in around 0530, so we once again were the first family down for breakfast, surrounded by soldiers!! Darren and I fell asleep before lunch and slept through all of lunch time. After lunch Dustin went to the renters office again and actually got to see a house and he loved it!! So we put in our application and will hopefully get accepted quickly. And then we went out to dinner at Chilis and our eyes were more hungry than our stomachs so we had plenty of left overs for Friday meals!!

Friday: Would you believe it, Darren was a up a couple times during the night but just ate and went back to sleep. I think it's because he is a pro at rolling belly to back now so when he rolls over it wakes him up!! He is close to to going back the other way then he should sleep through the night again! But he went back to sleep at 0600 and Kyra was up at 0615 so we really are almost back to normal schedule. Darren woke back up at 0830. We grabbed breakfast at a decent time and hung out together until dad got back from work around 10. Then we got ahold of Jane who went with us car shopping. And needless to say we had a long day the rest the day was spent not eating, or drinking much for over 8 hours with both kids at a dealership. Thank heaven Jane helped out with the kids most the day. But by the end of all the pain we had a new car!! I mean BRAND NEW car!! And we really like it!!

Saturday: Started by waking up feeling like death. So while everyone else slept in for a change, I was in the bathroom sick and dying. It eventually began to fade and I was feeling well enough to go look at our new house, and I am in love it's the perfect size for our little family, and has everyone we were looking in for a place to stay!! After we did a little shopping at the dollar tree for toys for Kyra who was an angel at the dealership, and grabbed lunch at Arby's we are all in heaven going back to all the american restaurants!! And after a nice long nap hat had me feeling right back to normal, we went over and had dinner and game night with Jane and her family, and made more fun it was such a fun night!! There is a video floating around somewhere with my reaction to some cards against humanity that I guess was hilarious, so that might show up somewhere!

Sunday: we slept in because the kids were exhausted from game night! Then we headed down to the breakfast buffet :) then we decided to go out make a quick stop by Walmart for a couple things, and then to go look at couches. We spent a couple hours browsing here and there and decided on a tan sectional from Ashley. But then we got home stressed out about the price and having to finance yet another thing and checked online before we finalized the deal. And found he exact same couch used on Craigslist in brand new condition from a house with no kids or pets for litterally half the price so needless to say we cancelled the one from the store and decided to go with the half price one in cash and save us time and hassle. 

Here is to our super busy week coming up between signing for the house, moving in with our suitcases, couch, and waiting until payday to buy a few basics to get us through until our stuff gets here. Probably see if there is some sort of lending closet to get us through the first couple weeks. Man we had no idea what a pain this big of a move with kids would be...going to be broke for a couple months.

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