Friday, May 1, 2015

Prepping for the move: 10 days to go

Holy moly, is this real life?? I am gonna white girl out and say....I can't even. Haha! I can't believe how fast this month has just flown by!! It's awesome because I feel like a lot of things in our life have been put on hold for the move, and I am seriously looking forward to getting my life back on track!! Plus there is just so much fun coming up the rest of the year!! So as of today we are down to 10 days...obviously!

So what dos that mean for our move? Well on the military side, we are clearing base!! Which i don't know if all high schools make you do it at the end of the year but ours did, where we have to go to each class, and the library and the gym etc...and make sure we had turned in any materials and didn't owe the school any money!! It was a tedious process in order to leave that last day. Well each time you move with the Army you have to do this same thing with every place on base. Luckly they don't just give you one day haha they give you two weeks!! A vast majority of locations take only a few mins to get signed out of!! While others take longer...but he has signed out of almost everything he can right now...leaving things like medical, vet, and housing until last just in case!!

This morning our housing person is coming out and doing a walk through of the house telling us what all needs to be done around the house aka repainting, cleaning, etc...before we can clear housing!! We will now take the next week to clean and stuff so we can clear housing a few days before the move!! Today was also spring clean up day basewide, so tomorrow is a bulk pick up so to be courteous to our neighbors we are going to dump all but one couch by the dumpsters tonight so they will get picked up right away and not clutter the lawn for too long!! So that is pretty much everything left. Monday is Shades vet appt to make sure she is good to fly, than its all just water under the bridge...excited but anxious about the long day of traveling with two babies this time...even if they both do great it's gonna be very very long day for everyone and probably a difficult night week of adjusting. I see lots of coffee in our future!!

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